The Lost Lolli

Seeking for the light in the shadows.


Young Love

I could only remember a small fragment of one of the sweetest dreams I have ever had. I am not sure if I were the main character in my own dream. However, I am sure that it felt so real that I can still feel the tingling in my heart right now. It was a nice feeling and almost refreshing if it were not interrupted.

I am not so sure but I was sitting in an auditorium (or a movie theater) for the purpose of listening to a lecture. In my dream, I was sitting in a row with some friends although I could not remember their faces. I do not really know if I knew those people.

There was this guy with a boyish smile sitting on my right and I could remember him saying something mushy. My unwelcoming personality was one of the reasons why I had to reject the romantic innuendos enlaced in those words of his.

In that dream, I also remembered sharing his jacket with me, enveloping our bodies in just one garment. I found it a bit funny because his jacket seemed to be made of brown leather. I always hated the feel of leather against my skin.

This man did not budge even though I was trying to avoid his almost inexistent advances. Truthfully, it made me feel young again. I have never really experienced being pampered so much by someone aside from my family. Of course, I have my boyfriend but he courted me in an unconventional way. I do feel a bit uncomfortable being desired by someone but what happened in my dream gave me a flutter in my stomach.

I could also remember the young man giving a signal to his male friend that he could not sit with him because he wanted to sit beside me. That’s a first for me. Never in my young life did a boy want to sit beside me. They always thought I was boring. I thought so, too.

How good it must be to have a young love such as that again? To dream something as flattering such as that made me want to stay in the dream world forever. But this is reality and I have to deal with it. I would just need to wait again so that I could once again meet that young man with a very attractive boyish smile.